Elite Pickups and Jack Assemblies

V-100 Violin bridge pickup. 4/4 full size Despiau 'C' model bridge. Single piezo transducer pickup embedded in the bridge. Bridge is ready for fitting. No jack is supplied.


V-101 Violin bridge pickup with compact 1/4" jack assembly. Bridge is ready for fitting, jack assembly is complete and wired to the pickup.



V-102 Violin and Viola pickup has a stick-on sensor that adheres to an existing violin or viola bridge with special non-marring putty. The pickup is complete and wired to a compact 1/4" jack assembly that fits violins and violas.


Violin Jack and Viola Jack assemblies provide a safe and secure method of attaching a 1/4" output jack to an instrument. The jacks are cork padded and clamp to the instrument in the same manner as a chinrest attaches.



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